HSBC is the launch partner for "The Shoreditch Gallery"

October 2021














HSBC is the first advertiser to use "The Shoreditch Gallery"  on Great Eastern Street to promote their "Borders" campaign. They have chosen four black and white photos which were created by Wunderman Thompson. The intimate shots show how "Borders" can be broken through to reach opportunities. The images highlight Ethnicity, Sexuality, Homelessness and Gender.  Shoreditch is a wonderful showcase for this campaign and photography.

Bottega Veneta uses Horizon Outdoor's Mural to launch Fall 2021 collection

October 2021





























The Fall 2021 collection saw a  striking mural painted onto Horizon's Shoreditch wall. ‘Salon 02’ shots were captured by photographer Tyrone Lebon which brings this collection to life. The mural features an image of Ghanaian model Dede Mansro in a flambuoyant pink dress designed by Daniel Lee.

Salon 02 was presented at Berlin’s Berghain nightclub back in April. The only peeks the greater public got came through a lucky, select few who got their hands on the collection, Beyoncé and Tracee Ellis Ross among them. Now, Bottega Veneta have finally dropped the Salon 02 campaign and the mural is a fantastic way to announce its arrival. 

Horizon Outdoor partners with Wembley Park

July 2021












We are very proud to be working with Wembley Park selling their large format sites around Wembley Stadium. Wembley Stadium is the “Home of Football” as it hosts all of the England football team’s home games as well as the Carabao Cup Final, the League play offs, The FA Cup Semi finals and Final and the Charity Shield.

As well as football Wembley stadium hosts many live music events as does the adjacent Wembley Arena. It also hosts other sporting events such as Boxing, Rugby Union, Rugby League and American Football. With a capacity of 90,000 fans then the area is buzzing on an event day. On non event days the area is still a destination with over 15,000 people living and working in the site along with the London Designer Outlet, Boxpark and University campuses.

We are looking forward to delivering some exciting campaigns together.

The Vegan Society take over our Shoreditch site

April 2021

The Vegan Society chose to launch their "Future Normal" campaign with a 100sqm banner in Shoreditch, which is made up of thousands of photos of pets and other animals which blend together making a larger image. Their aim is to seek a kinder future for all animals. They encourage people to take a photo of themselves next to the site and post in on their Social Media so it amplifies this campaign even further. They have also set a challenge for people to find the two famous celebrity photos in among the thousands.




























This banner sees the first use of PVC free vinyl material in the UK for a banner used for commercial advertising. Horizon Outdoor sourced this material especially for this project and have been impressed with it’s quality. Susan Pallett from Horizon Outdoor says


“I am thrilled to help the Vegan Society bring this campaign to life on one of our large format advertising sites. With thousands of photos displayed on this creative the banner will make people stop and take a closer look. Located in the heart of Shoreditch the banner will be viewed by thousands of passers by over the next few weeks. In utilising this well know art space the Vegan Society have helped the Village Underground Arts and Music Venue financially. What a fantastic partnership. Make sure you go and take a look at it”

You can read more about it here:

















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